Monday, May 17, 2010

Beach Portrait Session Attire!

What should we wear?
It is ideal for families to coordinate their clothing for their Beach Portrait Session. You can have everyone dress in the same colors, or color coordinate the group. Popular color and clothes choices are white or pastel tops with khaki or denim pants, capris, skirts, or shorts. A great look for woman and girls is long, flowing white dresses, and for little boys white or searsucker short overalls. A big white bow in the hair, or a beachy straw hat can be a nice touch for the girls too. Another variation, everyone matches colors but has a mix of styles; so one guy may wear a light blue oxford, and another a polo. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable, and express their own style but keep it coordinated for the best group portraits. And the most enjoyable part of the "beach look" is everyone goes barefoot, simply wiggle your toes in the sand and smile!

Family Beach Photography North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina